Implementation languages: Java, ActionScript 3.0, C++, C#, JavaScript
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SWF Player (IceCast player) to listen radio stations, music, video (video advertising) and other media. Access and denied by geolocation.
  1. Sophisticated media module (third-party application).
    IceCast server for broadcasting radio stations, music, video (video advertising) and other media (third-party application).
    RTMP Wowza server.
  2. HTML page with flash.
    SWF Player can play various media data: audio files, video files, streaming video, streaming audio, metadata reading.
    SWF Player is controlled with the HTML buttons.
  3. SWF Player reads media and metadata from Wowza server.
    Wowza Streaming Engine runs in the Java environment.
    Complex Java module that is installed on Wowza server.
    Java module reads the user's IP.
    Java module set IP to C++ dll (Java talks to C++ class).
    C++ dll set IP to C# module (C++ dll talks to C# class).
    C# module get access or denied from data base (by IP).
    SWF Player can play media if has access.
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